For most companies, providing and maintaining a safe and secure workplace while protecting critical assets is simple. A locked door with a noisy alarm is sufficient for most of the young inexperienced criminals. In today’s environment however, sophisticated technology companies have more to lose than a few monitors and computers. The information they carry could pose a real threat to their ability to compete in an ever changing marketplace. The variety of physical barriers acceptable as deterrents to common intrusion and theft will no longer suffice.

Companies providing government services are being required to provide higher security for the information they are charged with protecting.

Other governments and information technically capable individuals are seeking more ways to gain admittance to both data and physical hardware. This means many institutions and corporations both large and small are seeking more sophisticated methods to safeguard their employees and assets.

A Access Automation and Gate specializes in the coordination and installation of multiple physical systems, designed to limit access to the protected assets as well as the maintenance, programming and repair of existing security systems.

As representatives of the most manufacturers of card access control systems, CCTV (closed-circuit television), and video imaging/video ID, Gate automation, gate intercoms systems and with a staff of experienced professionals, A Access Automation and Gate is well suited to solving your most complex security needs.

A Access Automation and Gate offers a comprehensive line of Gate Operators, parking controls, telephone entry systems, intercoms, card readers, magnetic cards and CCTV surveillance systems. We offer Color and black & white cameras along with a wide array of ancillary devices are available to meet each specific application. Pan-Tilt-Zoom, multiplexing, matrix switching, time lapse and event recording, DVR’s, as well as custom-built consoles.

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