Doorking 1812 – Changing Entry Codes

The most common request we get is to change the current codes in the 1812. Here is a very simplified procedure. It assumes the code is located in position 01.

You must enter these codes quickly or it won’t work!

Start by entering the following: Press * 0 2 and enter the four-digit MASTER CODE(the last four digits of your serial number usually) you should hear a beep. (the “*” is on the keypad opposite the “#” sign)

Enter 01 then press * (beep).
Enter the new four-digit entry code _ _ _ _ then press * (beep).
Press 0# TOGETHER to end this programming step (beeeeeep).
You may have to do this a couple of times to exit out of the programming.

Here is an example using the master code of 1234 and the entry code of 1492 in position 01.

*021234 01*1492* then hit 0 & # together at the same time to exit.

This should change your main code. If you have multiple codes or have difficulty with this procedure, you may want to call us and start fresh.


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