Good gate designs can provide many things.  They add security, open without getting out of your vehicle, keep animals and children out of the street, etc.  Great gate designs do all of these things and create the initial impression of ambiance you want to give your guests.  The gate is the first thing they will see at your home, it should be the first item you consider in your overall design them.  Whether your home leans to Ranch style, Contemporary or Craftsman designs, you should make sure the gate compliments the architecture of your home.

Impressive Contemporary Gate Design

As we mentioned, impressive gate designs have several unique features. This was originally planned to be a gate capable of stopping a five ton truck trying to break into this high end estate at 50 MPH.
By oversizing the “limbs”  and extending the close position to past 90 degrees,  we were able to create the impressive contemporary gate designs the owner wanted while still retaining the ability to stop a ramming vehicle.  The unique and unexpected positioning of the gate’s stop point is also fun to see.

Our metal and obscured glass gate designs create a contempory look. Adding wood and using art glass will create a different style entirely.

Do you see the Asian influence in the pedestrian Gate? Often gate designs bring the outside in. In this case, it allows the cool San Diego climate to circulate air through the house while keeping the bugs and burglars out.

Craftsman Gate Designs

The craftsman home has several distinct components we can use to create matching gate designs.  The windows typically have several “lights” or panes in a single window. The lines are usually straight or have only slightly curved arches.  Lamps and other elements tend to follow an Asian design.

Creating Contemporary Gate Designs

If you have not considered contemporary gate designs before, you might consider the idea a bit more.  A contemporary design has at it’s most important element, durability with very few extra lines.  One surprising side benefit is reduced cost.  Because the lines are straight and most often the same size, easy repetition on cuts and welds reduces the labor costs associated with contemporary gate designs.  They are by definition longer lasting than most other designs since their materials tend require less maintenance and the straight solid lines reduce deterioration better.
Our contemporary  gate designs are growing in popularity.  Often while installing one of these gates we find people stopping, staring and asking questions like “Can you make contemporary gate designs using stainless steel, plastics, copper or other materials?”  The answer is simply yes.  The gate at right illustrates a steel and glass mixture beautifully.
Here is a list of some gate materials we have used for making gates:
Plastic vinyl wood (similar to Trex)
Stainless Steel
Galvanized Steel
Hand forged wrought iron
Wood, hard and soft
Aluminum (okay for small gates but still oxidizes)
Cast iron
Cast aluminum
We can also re-purpose visually interesting artifacts or elements and integrate them into your gate designs.  Imagine several old windows integrated in a gate frame.   You could put old blacksmith or garden tools sitting in the old windows where glass used to be.  This fits into the realm of rustic salvage architectural gate design.  This is an artsy offshoot of the Craftsman theme as opposed to the old fussy Victorian designs.

A Craftsman gate design for a security door. The Craftsman style condominiums had several different doors like this.

A very Craftsman gate design. This pedestrian or garden gate is opened by a hidden button on the side of the pillar. The pillars are a typical Craftsman style, thick at the bottom, narrow at the top and made of natural materials. Craftsman gate designs make extensive use of these elements too.

natural wood gate

Do you and your significant other disagree on which way to go? Some of our most beautiful work is a combination of gate designs. Note the gentle curve of the gate below with the woven straight cut hardwood around copper pipe.  The use of hard and soft, straight and curved, smooth concrete  and wood grain interprets a new gate design in a beautifully functional entrance.

This gate combines the natural feel of craftsman wood with the hard smooth surface of a contemporary concrete wall. Innovative gate designs done right!

Rustic and Tuscan Gate Designs

This heavy rustic Tuscan style gate uses gate designs from western ranches and Italian vineyards. The clavos hide the screws used to mate the wood to the steel frame beneath.

This design category covers those gates whose principle feature is old heavy timber with large bolts, hinges, screws and nails.  The nails, known as Clavos,Spanish for nails, are often used extensively.

While Tuscany gate designs are often rustic and unfinished, the elements can be kept beautiful by using newer synthetic varnishes or wiping the wood down with oil on occasion.

Note the extensive use of clavos, those large round headed nails.

The speak easy grille on the front adds a bit a drama to gate designs incorporating wrought iron hardware. the strap hinges are often very large and steel straps across the entire gate are not uncommon.

aaa gate installation san diego pedestrian gates 003
aaa gate installation san diego wood iron gates 003

Here you can see the large hinges and hardware common to a ranch or vineyard in the Tuscany region of Italy.

If you like, we can match your garage door design to your gate designs.  We believe in keeping a design theme throughout a home or business.  The elegant classy carriage house door below shows how it can be done with taste and style.

Simply beautiful. A carriage house garage door we can build to match a similar gate. The gate would be shorter and wider.

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