Programming Transmitters / Clickers / Remotes

There are several different types of transmitters with their own frequencies, codes and methods of sending those codes.

First, they all must match the type of receiver the gate operator uses. To determine this you need to find the antenna and follow it back to the receiver. In many, if not most cases, the antenna is attached to the receiver and will be located inside the operator cover.

Make sure you are clear of the gate operator parts and the gate. It may start to move.

Once you know the receiver brand and model number, you can program the transmitter.

There are three basic types. The first and the easiest to program is one with a learn button. In these, you will push a button on the receiver, then push a button on the transmitter. On some, you have to push the receiver button again. Usually, you will know it is programmed when the light on the receiver goes out or the gate receiver clicks.

Make sure you are clear of the gate operator parts and the gate. It may start to move.

The second type is a dip switch transmitter. This has a series of tiny switches inside the transmitter and receiver. These will need to be matched to each other. These are easily duplicated and not the best security to use.

The third type is a universal transmitter, designed to work with many receivers. These have instructions for each receiver that must be followed exactly. Currently, the most popular of these brands will program 18 different receivers. These still do not cover all of the receivers made for gate operators so make sure you know before you buy one, what exactly they work with.

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