Gate maintenance and gate repair are mutually exclusive.  This is a good thing for those who want to save money.  One usually does not exist with the other.

Why call a local San Diego company for gate maintenance instead of a simple gate repair?

There are companies who claim to charge a small fee to provide an estimate.  These companies often subcontract to unqualified repair people.  These people will charge far more than they should.

A company simply calling someone else will keep the upfront fee.  This is usually less than $75.00.  The company then allows the subcontractor to charge as much as he can.

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A simple adjustment taking only moments could never pay for their all their expenses.  Liability insurance, Workers compensation, vehicle costs licensing, equipment and office expenses need to be covered.  To make a profit, they claim excessive repairs are needed. These one time repair companies do not look for repeat business.  They use multiple websites with multiply phone numbers to capture your attention and take your money. How do you uncover a subcontracting gate repair company?   Ask for their contractors license number. Check it with the link below.  Make sure it matches the company name.  Ask them if they use employees or subcontractors.

You can check a license here:  California State Contractors License Board

Gate Maintenance vs. Gate Repair

To avoid major repairs, an electric gate motor, its peripheral devices such as photo eyes or loop detectors and safety features need to be checked, adjusted, cleaned and maintained.  Most San Diego gate companies would rather repair than prevent gate problems.  If you want to save money, call before you need a repair.

The most common reason for maintenance calls we get are:

  • Repair for broken chains
  • Repair broken hinges
  • Repair of control boards
  • Reset start and stop points
  • Repair vehicle detection systems
  • Adjust or replace photo eyes
These are all preventable repairs.  By keeping each device clean and adjusted, most of our repair business would go away.  This is just fine by us. At AAA Gate, we take the business of maintenance seriously. We believe in maintenance, not repairs. We have scheduled maintenance programs providing year-round maintenance service.  Then we discount any repairs you might have while under our care. Call today and a representative will discuss your options.

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